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Our event management services are featured by a methodical approach, thorough integration, adept planning, precise budgeting, garnished by a high level of creativity. We do our best to support you with the best available event management services in the State.

Mission & Vision

Our mission to inspire the world with the execution of unforgettable events.

Our vision is to stand by our customers to help them clearly streamline their dreams and make it happen at the most reasonable rates, thus to make a remarkable difference in the event management services.

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Marriage Hall

We support you to finalize the best wedding hall in Guruvayur and keep your guests happy and relaxed throughout the function and to enjoy a comfortable feast.

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Book your rooms in advance to avoid the hurry at the final moments. Stay relaxed and enjoy the event.

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Sadhya is a variety of pure vegetarian dishes traditionally served on a banana leaf in Kerala. We give lot of options to choose your menu from our Sadhya packages or you can choose your custom menu from our list for your marriage ceremony.

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Stage Decoration

We are specialized in arranging bridal stages in modern and fantastic manner to suit the taste and artistic minds of everybody in vivid patterns and coveting designs with fresh flower and done beautifully- a fabulous offer.

Welcome Gate Decoration

All the guests are welcomed by the well decorated welcome gate. Our professional and experienced decoration team performs the floral and balloon decorations artistically to create a magic with fragrance and colors!

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Car Decoration

Decorate your cars with ribbons and seasonal flowers to add colors to the wedding.

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Be like a princess on the Big Day from our experienced beauticians. They present you at the best on the Dream Day! Beauticians are arranged for bride and Groom.

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As per the requirement, we are ready to arrange a team of experienced videographers to capture the wedding artistically. Treasure the video for a lifetime and go back to the favorite day of your life at your wish!

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Capture the moments of the Big Day of your life professionally with the best available photographers. Let the memories linger for a lifetime.

guruvayur stage decoration services

Garland and Bouquet

We provide various beautiful garlands and bouquets that adds royalty to the function. The lotus bud bouquets and jasmine garlands are our specialties.

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Thali Pooja

Arrangements for Thali Pooja from the temple is also done at a perfect time to avoid any confusion during the ceremony.

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Marriage Registration

We ensure the marriage certificates from Guruvayur Municipality on the same day.

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Welcome Drink

A tasty welcome drink is served while receiving the guests. We arrange all types of welcome drinks.

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A traditional Hindu wedding cannot be complete without a Nadaswaram which sets the mood and the tone of the Wedding customs. We are ready with the best Nadaswaram team to set the music for the function. Feel blessed and fulfilled!

stage decoration services in guruvayur

Breakfast and Dinner

As per the customer requirements we arrange for breakfast, dinner, and snacks.

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Receiving Garland, Bouquet and Jasmine Rolls

All the necessary arrangements are made as per customer requirements for receiving the same.

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Pooja Settings

We realize the importance of Poojas and Poojaris during an Auspicious occasion and hence do all the settings for Poojas, and make your moments blessed.

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Poojas are valued only when performed by good Poojaris. We are the pioneers in the field and hence arrange for experienced Poojaris to do the poojas for any event. After all, besides the Bride & Groom, the Hindu Priest is the third most important person on the wedding day.

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Ashtamangalya Thattu

The auspicious things used in the Ashtamangalya Thattu comprises of gold, rice, sandalwood, a small casket containing vermilion, Vaal Kannadi, small lamp, Kindi, and Kasavu Mundu. According to Hindu tradition, it is considered as an inseparable element for any auspicious occasion.

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Cultural Events

We also arrange for cultural events like Kadhakali or Mohiniyattom to engage the crowd during the photo sessions of an event. Our veteran artists and dancers organize excellent performances as per the requirement at the most economical prices.

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Marriage Ticket from Temple

In order to conduct a marriage at Guruvyaur, you have to take a marriage ticket (Rs.250) from the temple on the previous day of the wedding or on the same day two hour before Thalikettu. There are two Kalyana Mandapas in front of the temple. Thalikettu will happen there and the following functions take place in a nearby wedding hall.

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Guruvayur Tourism

Explore all the tourist possibilities of the Divine town in and around before you leave!

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Wedding Planner

Explore our full spectrum wedding planner services ranging from invitation card design to the wedding reception with artistic, innovative approach.

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